Nick & Tara Pauw Wedding

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Bring together a beautiful Bride & gorgeous Groom, an amazing venue, talented & professional service providers and you get The Pauw Wedding!

This wedding was probably one of my proudest to brag about – starting off with a braai gathering on the Friday evening which set the tone for a weekend of celebration, to ceremony and reception on the Saturday, ending off with a breakfast on the Sunday morning! Tara and Nick knew exactly what type of wedding they wanted and with the guidance from the Bon Cap crew, we were able to bring family and friends into an intimate space – leaving very few dry eyes upon their union.

This was definitely one of my favourite weddings to work on – the décor was elegant, vintage and dusted with Pastel colours at every turn! Visually a most beautiful wedding. A well-attended wedding and most certainly one that set the precedence going forward!